Farm and Ranch Insurance

What You Need to Know about Farm Insurance

If you own a farm or ranch, you need more coverage than a regular homeowner’s policy provides. Homeowner’s insurance will only cover your main dwelling, but it won’t help protect your outbuildings, acreage, crops, or animals. When you own a farm, you also need to think about increasing your liability coverage, because animals can cause damage to the property of others that can be quite costly.

Customized Insurance for Commercial Farms & Ranches

Our insurance agents can help you create a customized insurance policy to protect your farm or ranch in Green Bay. Farm and ranch insurance policies typically include your primary home and outbuildings, acreage, crops, cattle and other livestock. But you also want to consider adding significant liability coverage to protect yourself from legal claims.

Home & Outbuildings

Your ag insurance should cover your entire homestead, including the home you live in and any other buildings. Your policy should list the different outbuildings on your property, including sheds, stables, and storage buildings. If a fire destroys your barn, your farm insurance will help cover the cost of a replacement.


Your liability coverage is important to protect your personal and business assets. If someone gets injured on your property, you could lose your home if you can’t satisfy the legal claims. It’s also important to make sure you have liability coverage for any damage your animals might cause, such as damage to fences, vehicles, or the property of others.


Typical homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover the land your home is built on. But as a rancher, you know your acreage is valuable to you. If a fire ravaged your property, your acreage might become unusable to you.


When you purchase crop insurance, you can protect yourself from the financial repercussions of a poor harvest, damage to your crops by a natural disaster, or other reasons for crop loss. Typically, crop insurance is revenue-based. The insurance will pay out how much money you would have made if a certain event, such as a natural disaster, hadn’t happened.


Your agricultural insurance policy should include cattle and any other livestock on your property. While the animals may have sentimental value, they’re also considered a financial asset in a farming operation. Insuring your livestock can help you through financial losses if something happens to your herd.


An on-site farm spill might require costly pollution clean-up efforts. It could be something as simple as a leak in the hose while transferring manure, or something as serious as a slow leak that unknowingly contaminated your farm’s groundwater. Sometimes you can reduce your overall insurance premiums by purchasing separate pollution coverage and excluding pollution from your liability policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your ranch insurance covers both your property and your liability portion. It includes your home, your outbuildings, livestock, acreage, and crop. You may also need pollution and acreage coverage and an umbrella liability portion. Our goal is to help you protect yourself against claims to make sure you don’t lose your farm.

To get a quote for farm insurance, we’re going to ask you a lot of questions about your property. We may also need to see your past claims’ history and current policy information to help you get the best coverage possible. It’s great if you already know your preferred coverage limits, but we can help you figure out how much coverage you need.

Farm insurance can protect your property and livestock in Green Bay. While you’re not legally required to carry farm insurance, it’s in your best interest to protect yourself from legal claims or natural disasters. Without insurance, you’d have to cover all damages out of pocket. In some cases, that can lead to bankruptcy or the loss of your homestead.

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We want to help you protect your farm or ranch from potential disasters. Nobody can control the weather or guarantee the crops, but we can make sure you’re not suffering financial hardship as a result. Contact us today to talk about your agricultural insurance needs.

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